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So, this is something that is in the works, obviously, but here's a quick fill in on what this universe about.
Its Cardland. There's the kingdom of Clubs, known for necromancers and a bit of a dictatorship monarchy, the kingdom of Heart, which has ample amounts of rain and lots of luch landscape and rolling hills, on the coast of the Hoyre Sea, the kingdom of Diamonds, which is snowy and dry and known for their extravagant tastes, and the land of Spades, windy and rainy with bouts of sun, which is known for the beauty of it's people as well as the large trade industry they have. Each person is born with a mark of their suit, hearts clubs diamonds or spades, over their left eye. If they're a peasant, they have a number over the eyelid and Jacks, which are generally advisers, have a J, but queens and kings just have their suit. Instead of hearts, they have clocks, and queens and kings clocks tick much longer than the normal persons, except if theres something wrong with their mechanics. With all that, here's an two excerts i have.

Ten Years BeforeCollapse )
Which is set before the actually story. ^^^^

The FleeingCollapse )

^^^^ Which is set in the actual book.


Jul. 31st, 2012

A brief look at the idea of my zombie book.

Her hair glistened...Collapse )

Oh, By The Way....

This is another story, featuring a card based land. About the princess of Spades. More to come.

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Accidental Series 0.o

These were all originally meant to stand apart, but since they did end up kind of tying in together, here they are in order.

InvincibleCollapse )

Hello JealousyCollapse )


Spring, Winter, Fall, Summer

Hey guys:) feel free to read this original short story, or explore the rest of my journal for more stories. Or both, Whatevs. Anonymous comments are allowed, so be sure and tell me what you think!
Here There Be Dragons and Stories.Collapse )


For Kierra!


 Another one bites the dust. I've been trying to upload this all day for Kierra, but LJ was being weird and wasn't letting me copy and paste. >.>

Huuuuge Story Dump. Like Seriously.

In real life, she was dying alone.Collapse )

The things she missed the most were the feelings that went with the items.Collapse )

That's all for this post, actually, but I have Surreal Dreams in the next post especially for Kierra!:)

Drabble time=3

Not long enough for ff.net, but I still love this piece, because it has baby!Max:)
She didn't regret it, not for a second. Even when he walked away with the light of her life.Collapse )

This one is supposed to 'capture the mindframe of a serial killer' so I hope I got.

I think, therefore I am. Collapse )

Another Max/Fang.:)


Over and OverCollapse )


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